About Us

Since the 1930’s

Letraw Manufacturing (MFG) was established in the 1930’s for the purpose of making knitted wire mesh scrubbers from galvanized wire and copper wire.

Pot cleaners

Over the years, Letraw evolved into making oil-bath air filters for farm equipment such as John Deere and many others. During WWII, we made air cleaners for military ground equipment, which can still be had today.

Letraw in 1949

Since that time, we continued to make oil-Bath air cleaners as well as metal sponges, adding knitted copper mesh gauze for the plastics industries in the 60’s. We provide Stainless Steel knitted mesh for the oil/gas industry, which includes mist eliminators in rolls and pads, and lint trap mesh for washing machine discharge hoses.

These are just a few of the application for knitted wire mesh that we have produced over the years.

Letraw is in its eighth decade (third generation family business) producing KNITTED WIRE MESH PRODUCTS.

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